Morfa Coke Oven, Port Talbot
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  • Name: Morfa Coke Oven, Port Talbot
  • Category: Demolition
  • Client: TATA Steel Limited, Port Talbot
  • Description:
  • DSM were appointed to carry out the

  • • Explosive demolition of the former 86m x 51m in diameter Morfa Oven Gas Holder (COG) at the TATA Steel Port Talbot (COMAH) site.
  • • The demolition and clearance of low level out-buildings
  • • Protection of live fibre optic cables
  • • Segregation and processing of materials
The main high level risks for the works were:-

  • • Gas tank opening - structural assessment confirming that the gas tank was stable prior to the openings being created
  • • Uncertain structural stability with the internal piston jammed above the base of the tower.
  • • Hot Works - Opening utilising trained operatives and works to be stopped at least one hour before the end of the day and inspected for visual signs of smouldering 30 minutes after all works have ceased.
  • • Sharp Edges - Following the cuts, the newly exposed steel plate edges were covered with foam pipe sleeve to reduce access to the sharp edges
  • • Residual hazardous liquids within the base of the tower.