Mayflower Car Park, Plymouth
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  • Name: Mayflower Car Park, Plymouth
  • Category: Demoiltion
  • Client: Shaylor Group
  • Description:

We partnered up with regional contractor, Shaylor Group PLC, to implement the partial demolition of the Mayflower West car park, Plymouth, due to its deteriorating structure.

Over the 18 week project, we were required to demolish the six deck concrete structure and link bridge, retaining the west elevation and several link stairs. Split lines were formed across the west elevation, as the retained area contained a CCTV room. This was completed first to reduce the impact of noise and vibration from transferring into the occupied room.

Asbestos containing materials were found within the site, which needed to be removed prior to commencing works. We agreed to a schedule whereby the asbestos team worked ahead, but in conjunction with the demolition works. By working with the asbestos team, we demolished each section back to a construction joint in the building to retain the stability of the retained structure. This allowed both the asbestos and the demolition of the structure to be handled simultaneously.

Once the car park was demolished successfully, we mechanically removed the pedestrian bridge linking the car park to Sainsbury’s supermarket by crane.