Isle of Grain, Kingsnorth
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  • Client: Goodman
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DSM was appointed by Volker-Fitzpatrick to undertake ground remediation works at Kingsnorth on the Isle of Grain in Kent, to make way for a major distribution facility.

The project involved the remediation of 57,000 m3 of ground that contained 45 gallon drums of oil, tar, liquid tar and tar impacted soil, thought to be used as a defence mechanism during the Second World War. The site was complicated because it is adjacent to the Medway Estuary, an SSSI, RAMSAR and SPA Site.

Through the use of excavator mounted hydraulic power mixers, cement was blended with Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) and then mixed with the liquid tar present in the soil to create a stabilised fill material with low leachability. The material was then excavated and re-located to the site perimeter where it formed a landscaping bund.

The contamination extended off the site and to protect the development site a cut off membrane was installed to prevent groundwater and liquid tar flowing back into the site