Greyfriars Bus Station, Northampton
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  • Name: Greyfriars Bus Station, Northampton
  • Category: Demolition
  • Client: Northampton Borough Council
  • Description:


Appointed as Principal Contractor by Northampton Borough Council to remove the link bridge, between the station and Greyfriars House, asbestos removal, soft-stripping the building of any non-structural materials resulting in the explosive demolition of the main structure. The building, once described by eminent architect George Ferguson as resembling the "jaws of hell" DSM hand many challenges to overcome, some of which were;

  • Protection of underpass- which ran in four directions either close to or under the main structure
  • Logistics of the traffic management as the station sat on an island surround by a one way duel carriage arterial route
  • Explosive demolition of a low rise structure
  • Evacuation of business and residential dwellings
  • Ensuring Northampton’s main shopping area the Grosvenor Centre remained accessible to businesses and deliveries, more importantly operational at all times
  • Crushing and remediation of the site in the footprint of the building