Cornwall Tower, Birmingham
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  • Name: Cornwall Tower, Birmingham
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  • Client: Birmingham City Council
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Working with Birmingham City Council, we were selected as Principle Contractor to demolish Cornwall Tower, an 18-storey tower block in Hockley, Birmingham.

After 16 weeks of preparation with the local authorities, police and the HSE, we ascertained that due to the construction type being a large panel block, the safest and most efficient method to bring the building down was initiated collapsed by high speed explosives.

We marked a 150 metre evacuation radius, where local residents were evacuated during the collapse, with the exception of local businesses, which remained trading around the demolition. Due to the close proximity of the site, two families were provided alternative accommodation, as their homes were adjacent to the tower block and needed to be protected.

Cornwall Tower was a successful demolition, which adhered to the programme and budget specifications agreed with Birmingham City Council.