Coalite Chemicals, Derby
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  • Name: Coalite Chemicals, Derby
  • Category: Decommisioning
  • Client: Bolsover Land Limited
  • Description:

DSM was appointed by our Client to undertake the site clearance and ground remediation of the former Coalite Chemical Works at Bolsover in Derby.

The scope of works included, the decommissioning and dismantling of an extensive tank farm and pipeline network together with the expeditious removal and disposal of the hazardous chemicals and compounds to avoid possible watercourse contamination.

The tank contents included tyre oils, coal oils and phenolic washes and sludge’s which required specialist removal and disposal techniques. Since the closure of the plant the contents of the tanks had solidified leaving them unworkable. DSM's scope introduced a heat source to each tank in order to pump the contents to road tankers for specialist disposal.

The tanks were then high pressure washed and dismantled for recycling. Further phases of the site clearance process included the demolition and crushing of existing buildings and concrete structures to provide a capping material for reuse across the site as a suitable fill material, and the site wide ground remediation to remove chemical and phenol contaminates from the soils.