British Sugar, Kidderminster
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  • Name: British Sugar, Kidderminster
  • Category: Other services
  • Client: Cil Dara
  • Description:

DSM were instructed to undertake the decommissioning, demolition and site clearance of this former 74 acre sugar beet factory formerly owned by Associated British Foods. The site had closed in 2001 and had become a hazard to the local community as the plant was continuously subjected to extensive episodes of theft and vandalism.

Historically safe tanks and vessels had been sheared open which led to the escape of waste oils and hazardous chemicals across the site.

The works included the de-planting of recoverable assets, the decommissioning and demolition of redundant buildings including the 70m steel chimney and coal fuelled energy center; the dismantling and disposal of tanks, vessels and pipework supplying the various sections of the site.

An extensive ground remediation programme developed in conjunction with the Environment Agency was then undertaken to relive the site of all contaminates. A rigorous sampling regime was conducted to highlight hot spots across the site which included the presence of lead, hydrocarbons, asbestos and other compounds hazardous to health. Excavated contaminants were removed from site without stockpiling to eliminate any risk of leachate contamination. Special consideration was given to the fact that the site was bounded on either side by the River Stour.