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DSM is experienced in environmentally friendly methods of platform decommissioning and removal. In a similar way to platform fabrication and installation, a decommissioning and recycling/dismantling manual is prepared for the client.

Special attention is given to the re-use of components and the disposal of hazardous materials.

All decommissioning works are delivered in accordance with current legislation and regulations and to the approval of all the relevant professional consultants and regulatory bodies.

DSM have an understanding in the decommissioning and recycling of complex marine structures. The company takes responsibility for the full management cycle of the decommissioning works, including feasibility studies, costings, methodologies and environmental impact assessments.

Risk assessments and sound environmental control underpin all of DSM’s activities within decommissioning works, whilst maximising the recycling and reuse of materials arising from decommissioned vessels and ensure best practice in waste management. DSM are experts at minimising the impact on aquatic life and water quality.